First impressions matter more than anything and it is how you come across in your first 5 seconds that make the lasting mark on someone in any situation and especially when interviewing for a job. An important part of this is not only your physical presentation but also your personal scent. Needless to say, showering and wearing freshly cleaned and ironed clothes is the way to go to your job interview. Here are a few additional things with regards to personal scent to be aware of before you go for that interview.


Overpowering perfume or aftershave – Imagine being the interviewer and a candidate walks in smelling so overpowering that you can hardly concentrate. What if that smell reminds you of your ex, or your deceased relative? Or what if you have a sensitivity to strong smells, so much that you feel nauseated or start getting a headache? Now you can imagine why it’s so important not to smell too overpowering so as not to offend anyone, as this will immediately limit your chances of being accepted. Keep it subtle, always.


Cigarette smoke – As we very well know, smokers are an outcast nowadays and more and more employers shy away from hiring people who smoke. Even a smoker will admit that the smell is very unpleasant indeed so it is highly advisable to not smoke at least an hour before your interview and to make absolutely sure that your clothes, hands and breath don’t smell.


Food smell – basic common sense tells most people that cooking your fragrant curry whilst your interview outfit is drying on the airer in your open plan kitchen is going to cause you some problems. Be sure your interview clothes are neatly put away and out of the way of the enticing food aromas!


Alcohol – Most of us who have been hungover are overly familiar with that body pong we wake up to the next day. Our body expels the alcohol  through our pores throughout the course of the day so it is especially important not to drink in excess the night before. It is even more imperative to not be consuming alcohol right before the interview as this is immediately detectable on your breath.


Interviews generally tend to take place in small enclosed spaces and in close proximity to the interviewer so if you want to impress, you really must try your hardest to smell as gentle as possible.


Good luck!