Many of us enjoy the frock section in women’s magazines, “Who wore it best.’  A similar question arises when it comes to successful interviews.  Human beings are exceptionally quick to form judgements, perhaps superficial ones based on first impressions.  These first impressions, good or bad, are then put to the test over a period of time, but an initial impression can be tricky to shift.  In the interview situation this means that first impressions really do matter, and what better way to set the tone than by arriving immaculately attired.

Our advice is that one should arrive to an interview kitted out in the fashion of the job you are applying for, but taken up a distinct level in terms of smartness from the more commonplace day to day garb.

So, for office roles make sure you look smart and respectable. We advise that you always wear a suit with a blouse/shirt and tie. Remember that if you look good you feel good and your confidence will show through at your interview.  Pay particular attention to polishing that gleam into your shoes and adjusting that business tie.  A jacket is always expected.

In terms of blue collar interviews it is always better to attend over-dressed than under-dressed.

If an interview has been arranged at short notice with no time to “glam up” beforehand, it is good practice to ask your recruitment consultant to explain that necessity has dictated that you will be turning up in “civvies.”

Remember, this interview could change your life, so it really is worth dressing up to the nines!

Finally, as a bit of fun, here are some images of dresses that catch the eye!