The team at Hunters spends many hours every day reading CVs, but what are the standout things we look for in a general sense?  In terms of long-term suitability for a job at any level, we find it helpful to look for evidence of overcoming adversity.

Did you know?  Bill Gate’s first business was not a success.  Albert Einstein didn’t speak until he was four.  Andy McNabb couldn’t read or write until the Army taught him.  Jim Carrey used to be homeless.  And Richard Branson has dyslexia.  As extraordinary as this sounds recruiters are always interested in how people overcome personal and professional challenges as this enhances their application.

I remember reading ‘Pilgrim’s Progress’ and seeing the struggles of Christian as a metaphor for life.  It is the challenges we face that shape us.  One of my colleagues remarked at the end of our team building weekend: “I have learned this about myself – I am my most comfortable when I’m outside of my comfort zone.”  I’m still not entirely sure what she means, but she seems to be recognising that that challenges define her and give her a sense of purpose and appreciation of life.

Hunters Recruitment Team Building

We have recently secured a Temp to Perm cleaning opportunity for a highly motivated young man.  It was conditional on this employment that he pay for and process an Enhanced DBS due to the nature of the work.  What made him further stand out in terms of commitment and work ethic was that he sold his CV in order to afford the DBS.

Many people are suitable for any number of job roles based on their skill set and experience, so there needs to be some deeper quality to help tip the balance.  Qualifications and schooling are no doubt important, but so is evidence of embracing challenge.  I have this image of Robert Bruce learning from the spider.  Time after time the spider failed to spin her web, and time after time Robert had failed to win his kingdom.  History remembers Robert and his spider.