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How to write your CV

Your CV is very important as it is probably the only tool that an employer has to gauge whether you are worth the time and resources it takes to interview for a vacancy.  Therefore the content of your CV MUST present you in the best possible way but be aware that it MUST also be truthful.

It is our belief that your CV is a sales tool and will win you an interview so make sure that every word is selling you to the best of your strengths, capabilities and aspirations.  DO spend time on it so that you feel satisfied it presents a TRUTHFUL and ACCURATE reflection of you!  We hope the following tips will help get your interview!

  • Begin with your name and contact details.
  • Think hard about your achievements, strengths and goals, outline them in a paragraph as a profile snapshot of yourself.
  • Under a separate heading, show your work experience commencing with your current or most recent job. Indicate your job title, employer name and dates of employment.
  • Next, make a heading for Education, Qualifications and Training achievements.  Include everything even if you’re not sure that it’s relevant because it might show commitment, an ability to be disciplined or even a show of initiative.
  • Spend time making it look good, present it well and ensure there are no spelling mistakes.
  • Be positive, confident and truthful about yourself.
  • Send a covering letter in your own handwriting and send it first class post.
  • Make sure that any employment gaps are explained.