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By March 26, 2019No Comments

It’s not every day that you meet your heroes.  Hunters enjoyed meeting former British Special Forces hero Matthew “Ollie” Ollerton, star of the TV Show “SAS: Who Dares Win.”

Hunters have found much success in introducing former service professionals into local businesses.  We think this is because the military discipline, adaptability and team values are so attractive to employers.  Therefore, we are always eager to work with candidates with a background in the Army, Navy or RAF, and also Police, Fire Service and Emergency Response.

Ollie runs Break-Point:

Break-Point is a Special Forces inspired events and training company with HQ in Sussex.  We recommend that you take a look and be motivated.  Ollie endorses positive thinking and goal setting, which are tremendously important in the workplace.

Hunters with Ollie Ollerton

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