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3 Tips for finding a job using Facebook

By August 6, 2013No Comments


Tip 1    Go to the Hunters Recruitment Facebook Page and ‘Like’ this page.

This will make sure that you see every live job as you will have this information streamed over to you.  The page is:


Tip 2    Social Media can be a job-hunting tool.

You may be surprised to learn that recruiters and employers will likely view your Facebook and LinkedIn page to glean further insight into your suitability.  LinkedIn is an extension of your cv (more about  this in a future blog) whilst Facebook is a mirror into your personality.  Never underestimate the importance of personality in the selection process.  Your Facebook will highlight your interests and, to a certain degree, your level of sociability.  As a recruiter I would be hoping to view a vibrant Facebook page full of updates, photos and interactions.


Tip 3    Photos can be very revealing.

Hunters Recruitment removes photos from any cv we send to a client.  This is because most photos on cvs are not professionally posed, and also we don’t like the thought of any suspicion of discrimination based on personal appearance.  However, if your Facebook is alive with interesting images then reflect on the many personal insights can be gleaned from a series of photos above any written paragraph.  Therefore, do your albums demonstrate to a potential employer your background, personality and interests?  Your selection of photos will portray you ‘at play,’ so will other people warm to the ‘real you?’

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