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5 Tips for Job Hunting in a Pandemic

By August 7, 2020No Comments

Redundancies on an epic scale!  Cities in lockdown!  Second and third waves inbound!  With this maelstrom of doom and gloom how on earth do I go about securing a new job?  Here are a few pointers…


  • “Don’t get sucked in by the negativity”

Covid 19 has basically licensed feeding time for the British media.  Journalists gorge on bad news stories, and the nation gets sucked in on them.  And yet it is still true that the right job is out there for everyone, even if it may not be available now.  Hunters’ strap line is “as individual as you are” because each of us have a fine set of skills we can offer the workplace and the potential to be brilliant.  Jobs are available.  Even in the ninth circle of lockdown recruitment was still taking place.


  • “Stick with what you know”

Given the steep hike in unemployment it is fair to say that it is an employer’s market right now.  This means that when you see a job advertised it is likely that the employer will be expecting precisely the skill set and experience they are requesting in their job description.  It’s not impossible to change industries but it’s much easier to stick with what you know.  So whatever has been your most recent experience is the most likely route to success.  By way of example, if you have been a chef your next job will most likely be in kitchen rather than in an office or shop.


  • “Sculpt and craft each application like an artist”

You have to stand out from the crowd, and the best way to do this is to present a CV that in some way mirrors the job description you are applying to.  For example, if the job is demanding a “competent user of Excel” be sure to have referenced your Excel skills on your CV, evidencing your ability: “I used pivot tables to…”  If the job description references a particular industry, let’s say “telecoms” then be sure to emphasise your passion for that industry on your CV.


  • “It doesn’t have to be in an office”

There are noticeably fewer office jobs plus there is a trend towards emptying big office spaces.  Economic conditions will naturally dictate that jobs evolve elsewhere.  We are seeing these vacancies in cleaning, manufacturing and production.  Start with: what skills can I offer the work place?


  • “Re-evaluate salary”

It’s all a bit rubbish, isn’t it?  Many of us are not as secure financially as we once were, but it is wonderful if we have our health and well-being.  Generally-speaking salaries have stagnated and there seems to be a downward trend.  Is salary of the highest importance?  If you find the right job and do well then given time you should expect salary to rise accordingly as we claw our way out of the downturn.

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