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Jobs in 2021


Yay, we have a vaccine and Christmas is coming up.  2020 has been difficult enough, and we can be sure that 2021 will be offering us fresh challenges not least in the job market.  Of course, we have Brexit.  Whether or not we have a trade deal it is wise to attempt gazing into the crystal ball to see what may lie in wait.


Firstly, if you are a non-UK citizen and hope to continue working then it is wise to consult the UK Gov advice:  If you are still hope to be working then start looking at the EU Settlement Scheme.


Secondly, without the full and ongoing support of our non-UK friends then UK citizens should start thinking about the jobs that these workers have been doing, because it is precisely these jobs that will be up for grabs.  Gazing into our crystal ball we are seeing an abundance of lower skilled job vacancies in agriculture, production, distribution, logistics, and manufacturing.  Many of these will be on 24 hour shift patterns and will likely be on or close to minimum wage.  This will be tough manual work.  The secret will be to encourage our new work force to embrace the rigours of physical work, and to consider if we have the stamina and motivation to turn this to our advantage.  This leads us to our third observation.


There will be fewer office jobs.  People will still be working from home even after vaccine roll out.  Hunters is an advocate of more sophisticated careers advice, not the misguided “I’m a ballerina and my next job will be a steel fitter.”  We just feel that the answer to the question of what my next job should be doesn’t necessarily need to be “an office job.”  It is time to recognise that as we enjoy the jobs rebound in 2021 there will be much to choose from, but what we had previously considered to be a comfortable career path may not be the easiest route.


A career path doesn’t need to be a steady and upward advance.  We are appreciating the talented people who have realised that their “next” permanent job simply isn’t available to them right now, and so have chosen to keep alert, nimble and afloat with temporary agency work.  We can be sure of a post-Brexit skills shortage, so rather than rush into a poorly thought out career change, there could be value in buying yourself some time so when you return to permanent work you can do so on your terms.


Finally, many companies are already ahead of the curve in terms of riding the Covid storm.  These businesses have adapted positively to the crisis and have seized opportunities for growth.  For example, science and technology companies are working hard to support healthcare and immunisations.  Our crystal ball is telling us to keep a watchful eye on the movers and the shakers.  Let’s remember that our nation has achieved the most incredible success in pioneering a safe vaccine fit for global distribution.  The scene is now set for the Great British worker to shine.

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