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It’s been said that a CV wins an interview but great interview technique wins the job.  It is frustrating for employers and recruiters alike when basic errors are made during the interview process.  To address this we have outlined 8 positive reminders to make for a great job interview.


1. A firm handshake.  A limp handshake at an interview can suggest fragility and lack of self-confidence.

2. No gum chewing.  Unbelievably, some candidates have gone into interview masticating on gum.

3. Smart appearance.  Usually, offices roles require candidates to be dressed in a smart business suit.  Avoid distracting make-up.

4. A CV that tells a clear story with no gaps.  Be ready to explain any short lived roles in your career history.  Employers and recruiters get anxious seeing CVs with too many jobs.

5. A well presented CV free from spelling errors.

6. Switching off mobile phone.  It is shocking to reflect that some candidates have even answered their phone when at interview.

7. Positive body language.  This means being alert and attentive with no slouching.  A good idea is to mirror the body language of the interviewer.  Maintaining eye contact.

8. An upbeat, confident and considered response to questions and challenges; oozing enthusiasm throughout the process and being able to articulate, based on personal research, why you would be an asset to the company and job role.

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