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No visa for low-skilled workers

By February 21, 2020No Comments

No visa for low-skilled workers

We read the headline: “No visa for low-skilled workers, government says.”  Unsurprisingly this has provoked a maelstrom of conflicting points of view.

Here at Hunters Recruitment we have glimpsed the future and we have seen how recruitment is likely to change in the wake of this immigration bombshell.  Agriculture and manufacturing industries in particular have come to rely on unskilled workers from across Europe especially for seasonal work.  I have spoken with a vineyard manager about her affection for the workers from Romania and how the migrant work ethic is second to none.  I sensed her anxiety when confronted with the prospect of losing this workforce.  In a world of supply and demand there could be too much demand and not enough supply, challenging employers and temp agencies.

Who will be available to fill the shifts when our friends from overseas are no longer permitted to assist?  Hunters’ believes that this could be good news for students who are looking to pay their way through college.  It could be good news for semi-retired people who are looking to bolster their income.  It could be good news for creative people such as artists, musicians and actors who require income between projects.  However, the rub is: we all have to take on the work ethic and discipline of our friends from overseas.  We also have to understand that low-skilled work will be very much in demand and therefore adopt a favourable disposition to such work.

Flexible workers who adopt the mantra “I’ll do anything” will enjoy bountiful opportunities.

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