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How to get my dream job III

By August 6, 2012No Comments

I met a fantastic candidate the other day – job offered!

In my previous blogHow to get my dream job II’ we discussed the importance of careful reading, making sensible applications and going the extra mile in the application process.

So what made this candidate so delightful?

First of all the cv hit the mark. It was for a part time role, and the profile explained precisely why part time hours suited the applicant in the long term.  Very clever – the applicant was looking at the process from the point of view (I call it the fear-perspective) of the employer, in this case ‘can I be sure this person will stay with me for long time?’

Secondly, when the applicant presented herself the enthusiasm oozed from her pores; alert, pride in appearance, no lingering odours such as cigarettes (an overwhelming turn off), clear evidence that she had researched thoroughly.

Finally, best of all, and bearing in mind she was still a teenager with little experience, she could hold a conversation.  This may sound a rather odd comment, but you’d be surprised at how many candidates who describe themselves as ‘sociable and bubbly’ simply cannot string a meaningful conversation together.  Those who can will win the job – simples.  Here’s a useful practice – ask your interviewer questions and show interest in the business.  Practice this in social situations, perhaps with a shop keeper or your hair dresser, and you will grow in social confidence, and social confidence leads to better job prospects.
In summary: 1) be mindful of the fear perspective, 2) present yourself to perfection, and 3) practice showing interest in others.

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